Die Struktur des Fonds:

  1. President of the «Life» Komarnicki Yuri
  2. Member of the Board Alla Ovcharuk
  3. Volunteer Oleksandr Ladancuk

Created supervisory council:

  1. Matkovskiy Igor (chief physician regional centers of care for HIV Infection of humans)
  2. Dimitrenko Nikolai (businessman)
  3. Pasternak Zoya

Altogether there 9 people.

The Fund is registered in the administration of justice in Vinnitsa October 1, 1999.
Registration certificate number 31.

Vinnytsia region is located in the central part of Ukraine with a population of 1.8 million people, 80% of whom are employed in the agricultural sector reside in rural areas. The area is bordered by the industrialized regions (Odessa and Kiev region) in which the high rate of HIV infection. Through the territory of the region are the major railways and highways. In the next 2 years in the field of international highway will be built Western Europe - Kyiv - Odessa.
The epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS in the region began in 1996 and has spread to all parts of the region, Vinnitsa, and Zhmerinsky Kazatinsky separation of South Western Railway, a division of the State Department of Corrections, the military units of the Ministry of Defence. Total found 384 HIV-infected, to take account of 343 (which is 19.0 per 100,000 population), 15 patients died of AIDS. The largest number of infected people in Gaysinsky, Tomashpolsky, Tulchin areas, Vinnitsa and Ladyzhyn (infection rate from 37 to 43 per 100,000 population), 75% of all HIV-infected people - rural population.
The main route of transmission is injecting drug use at, it accounts for 80% of all infections, the 2nd place sexual way (its share in the past year increased 2-fold).
At this time, the city Vinnitsa up and running regional center care for HIV positive citizens.
The main way to identify infected is by laboratory examination of different populations for HIV (blood donors, pregnant contingent risk). Every year in the surveyed 60-70 thousand people, and this is only half the needs of the survey.
Members of the charity fund "Life" offer cooperation with similar organizations also seek help from private foundations operating in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Detailed information about HIV infection, cancer patients and drug addicts citizens you will receive when dealing with us.