Good afternoon!

Our fund works in the direction of making humanity healthy. The Vinnytsya regional charitable fund (Ukraine) offers to cooperate with you. The main aim of the Fund is assistance to health protection, popularization of healthy style, participation in providing medical help to population and helping those who need social support and care. We help in the social rehabilitation of HIV infected, oncologic patients and drug dependent people. For 14 years we have held more than 500 seminars and lectures to inform patients about the newest methods in treating of the enumerated diseases. About 100 people have got material support from our fund «LIFE». We closely co-operates with the developers of the newest medical technologies. We want to share this information with you and we are glad to adopt your experience in the fighting against illnesses. We can offer to you new technologies which revitalize people without surgical operations and treat people in molecular level. These examples represent the desire to promote disease prevention and belief that quality of life should be accessible to all. If you are interested in this information, we will be glad to cooperate with you.
President of the fund:        Komarnitskiy Yuriy